Ai video creation – video sample

ai video creation in kent

Ai is all around us but how can businesses use it?

Here at OHM we already use Ai to create some of our text used on web page – see blogg. Now we’re dabbling with Ai videos using the Synthesia app []. It is very cool!

How does it work?

  • Type into the dialogue field your chosen text. It can be anything you want to say about your products or services
  • Select your avatar (person)
  • Select your language and accent
  • Select backgrounds
  • Add gestures

You can also clone your voice and create custom avatars. We used the content restricted free version to trail and had a bit of fun

There’s a monthly cost to use (and continue to use) the service but if you’re thinking about creating a promo video this could be a cheaper solution

Is this the end of the newscaster?

Click on the video below to see our trial video results – what’s her name!?