Google forces web security changes – HTTPS

google chrome 68

If you have a website that’s still using http:// you need to read this!

In July 2018 Google launches it’s Chrome browser update – ‘Chrome 68’ – ‘so what’ I hear you say, be warned, Chrome is by far the most popular web browser portal with over 77% of the market so when Google announces it will use Chrome to make changes to the way the internet functions, we listen!

What are the changes?
With internet security a major issue for business websites (especially e-commerce websites) Google is forcing better security by giving websites that use the HTTPS protocol a priority listing over HTTP sites (we told you about this in March 17 see news blog).

The Google Chrome update endorses their push towards a safer internet experience for their users which is the vast majority of people using search engines @ over 90% (using Google).

Like it or not, Google has the largest user base and the top browser tool in Chrome so our advice is – get HTTPS ASAP or…

Google Chrome will tag your HTTP web pages as ‘Not Secure’

What can you do?
Contact Oast House Media now: to find out more. If you do nothing – that’s OK but traffic will be affected through you web pages.

Additional 3rd party information
To help you understand the gravity of the impending changes, here’s what other experts say…