Web design goes Back to the Future

web design for back to the future hire car delorean

Did you know, the official Back to the Future (BTTF) Delorean car is not only based in Deal, Kent but also available to hire?

Owner Steven contacted OHM for a website redesign earlier this year and with a massive archive of imagery taken at events here in the UK and California, this web design was going to be an exciting challenge.

We identified 3 key marketing area: corporate hire, wedding hire and the Delorean experience. Working with new content (created by OHM)  and existing photos we have opened the website to deeper and more keyword phrase driven web searches driving increased enquiries.

We will continue Steven with training and SEO advice as the website grows. Hopefully a photo of director Nigel Stevenson sitting in this iconic and very amour vehicle coming soon!

BTTF delorean car celebrities

apart from Michael J Fox – Marty Mcfly, Christopher Lloyd – Doc Brown, Tom Wilson – Biff Tannen, James Tolkan & Claudia Wells and Steven Spielberg – Producer have sate in the BTTF Delorean

So who’s sat in the BTTF Delorean? Apart from the original cast and director Stephen Spielberg, virtually anyone who is D listing and above have had their smiles snapped up, see who: bttfcar.co.uk/bttf-delorean-celebrities

see website: bttfcar.co.uk