Training goes peer to peer

It would appear that peer to peer is very appealing! As we continue to design and launch new websites through the lock-down period, training the client on how to update their new websites had to go on-line. In the past we’ve either go to the clients offices or they come to OHM. Restriction forced the change and it worked brilliantly. We miss the cup of tea and chat but peer to peer is the way to go and OHM will be on-line instructors in the future.

How does it work?
Using dedicated software, the client downloads a designated peer to peer program, launches then issues the ID and password, OHM then have screen access and guide the client around the WordPress Dashboard with verbal commentary. Once the session is over you are good to go and we have no further access unless required.

A basic refresh can take about an hour, more detailed training and e-commerce shop training 1 to 2 hours. New clients get a full training session as part of the design costs.