The importance of corporate website and print design

corporate website and print designers in kent

New businesses without the right tutelage can bungle through their ‘branding’ without realising the potential of professional corporate design.

So what is corporate design?
First consider where your branding is going to be used as this may affect the design, for example (in order of resolution/quality)

  1. Work wear (embroidery) 42
  2. Website and Social media 72
  3. Printing (stationery/flyers) 300
  4. Large format printing (banners/signage) 300
  5. Vinyl signage (lettering) vector

As you can see there are figures at the end of each line indicting the lines or dots per inch plus vinyl cut vector signage which is the best quality you can achieve.

Once identified you can progress to a logo design remembering that some lower quality media will have restrictions like line weights, curved line edging and tight registration blurring. Corporate colours can also cause issues with web media (screens) using RGB and Hex colours, printing using CMYK, embroidery and vinyl using their unique (but matching) colour systems.

Here at Oast House Media over the years we have designed for all of the above: logos, stationery and of course website design. For more about our corporate design services contact us.

Corporate design example
Below is an example of a client who has been guided by a design company (vehicle signage) that we adopted and converted for their website and stationery (business cards).

corporate website and print designs in kent

top: desktop web preview, right: mobile web and bottom: business cards