Number One B and B are No 1 on Google

number one b and b in deal

Long term website design clients Number One B and B in Deal, Kent are one of the top accommodation venues in East Kent. Just a few yards from the sea the rooms and breakfasts are first class. That’s OK, we all know that in Deal but holiday makers and businesses from outside the area rely on Google to find a place to rest.

Therefore having a professional web design and a Google search engine optimisation marketing plan in place is vital. As you can see from the most recent campaign month Number One B and B is nearly page one on Google for all the most popular search terms

This is always work in progress especially for search phases popular with national holiday directories but unlike the weary traveller, we like to see ‘no vacancies’, it proves what we do really works.

To find out more about number one website design or how to get your website to number one on Google, contact us or see for more about Google SEO campaign management options.





“Number One B and B is a great success story for our us. The owner has supplied top quality photos and text content making this a really professional design. Our SEO campaign management bolt-on has projected the web pages to No.1 on Google and the rooms are full – very happy for Susan and Mick” – Nigel Stevenson. MD Oast House Media and GoTopSEO