New server upgrades nearing completion

website hosting services in kent

Over the past new months Oast House media have been working with their hosting support guys transferring websites to our new servers. Hopefully you wont notice a thing, so why do it?

As with any ‘tech’, hosting systems are improving all the time. We estimate a new server upgrade is required every 5 years to keep on top and in line with industry requirements, ie: speed, security, maintenance, integration, back-ups (key issues that are continuously monitored).

All of this and investment in new equipment/software is an ongoing process. We talk to our support team nearly every day and enjoy fantastic response times. If you have ever had cause to report an issue you will know it is quickly investigated and replied to.

All our hosting systems are in the UK and on the backbone of the Worldwide web but if I took you to the server rooms or even the support offices you’d be impressed with the calm and professionalism.

So rest assured, you’re in safe hands, getting the best service in the UK and on your behalf a team of highly skilled techies are keeping our web clients on-line.