How to go top of Google in 24hrs

holistic website design google search in kent

Google search results showing our news blog (!!) on page one

Big claim but very realistic if you know how Google works and how to focus keyword phrases.

Last week (22-1-21) we issued a news blog about ‘Holistic WordPress web designers‘. This week (25-1-21) the news blog is page 1 on Google (see screen sample).

If you then add the area keywords of ‘Kent’ or ‘East Kent’ the search result improves to page 1, site 1 as the competition for the phrases diminishes.

This was achieved within 24 hours but why did it work so well?
The search phrase ‘Holistic WordPress web design’ is unique, in other words there’s not so much competition on Google (approx 5,000,000 results) from other websites using these search terms (which is low for a UK search). Google also likes refreshed content and news blogs are a powerful feed for Google’s hungry cache generators (bots).

We also recently featured a news blog about a local retail outlet website that we designed in WordPress (we campaign manage their SEO). Another example of successful holistic web design that in this case is keeping the client solvent during Covid19 – read news blog.

So if you read the article Holistic WordPress web design you can see by using our holistic principles we can achieve a Google page 1 position for your web pages, it’s not all smoke and mirrors, there’s some serious theory going into our Google search engine optimisation.

Do you want to be page one on Google for your products/services? Contact us for my about holistic web design