HTTPS – Oast House Media’s website goes secure

If you look at the top of this page next to the website address (URL) you will see a small green padlock, you will also notice that the web address is no longer http:// but https://.

As a bit of an experiment we decided to look at https and how it affects our Google (SEO) positioning. Based on the theory that Google is always looking for quality (and lists ‘reliable’ web pages like .gov’s higher that others) could a simple upgrade costing just a few £s per year be a good move?

Google’s official line is ‘work in progress’ and is actively looking at HTTPS as a positive SEO tool in the future – we will report back in a few weeks time with our findings

What does Google say?
See: and the 2014 video below

What is HTTPS?
Originally used for e-commerce transactions, an HTTPS website is authenticated and encrypted to protect the user and the server. This protection helps stop 3rd party attack therefore enriches the usability of a website. In practice and put simply it provides a reasonable guarantee that you are actually looking at the genuine website, not a hacked copy. In addition it also protects the content of the website from fruadulent use.

There are several levels of HTTPS which reflect in their yearly certificate costs, contact us for more information

27-3-17 – results are in!
First check of our ‘benchmark’ phrases after the conversion to HTTPS are looking good showing improvement on 6 searches. We don’t think Google has cached all pages yet so more good news hopefully to come.