New Year, the evolution of website design and the internet

evolution of website design and the internet

Happy new year to all our clients and businesses in the East Kent area. Oast House Media was the first commercial website design company in Deal, Kent creating old school html website pages for Kent businesses. In those days Google was not a big player in the search market with Yellow Pages dominating old paper and print service promotion.

What a big difference 20 years has made.
Google is now the king of search globally and Yellow Pages has all but disappeared! Despite its tax paying issues, we like Google here at OHM, it makes our job easier with just one search engine to target our web page design and SEO. Back in the 90’s and early noughties there were other search tools available that had to be accommodated for like Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, Altavista and Lycos; they each had their search requirements. Browsers were tricky as well with some designs changing dramatically if viewed on a different platform.

Google was just a baby in the 90’s but its simplicity and clean results pages promoted it to top spot by the end of the first millennium decade. Today in the UK it holds over 90% of the search inquiry market and continues to dominate through innovation. Globally it is one of the riches companies. Founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, to demonstrate their rapid rise to number one, they’re both still in their 40s!

Oast House Media
Likewise our design processes and web requirements have had to evolve; remember ‘flash media’? We all thought this was the future of web design – dead! Dreamweaver? Design tool for web pages for nearly 2 decades – dead! The present market leader is WordPress, already a well established blogging platform, WordPress is now globally one of the most used website design tools. Why? guess what, it is highly compatible with Google, FREE, well supported and most importantly mobile friendly (responsive).

Mobile Phones
In April 2015 Google decided it would preference mobile friendly websites on its search pages. Another major change impacting web design and for the good as Google through it’s search sourcing database had discovered over 50% of all searches were from a mobile device. Our older websites had to be updated and for the past 3 years OHM have been converting clients older web pages to WordPress, Google Mobile Friendly ‘responsive pages’.

Using WordPress, WordPress Themes and WordPress compatible Plug-ins, we can deliver low cost website design that’s future proof and Google mobile friendly.

Remember the old VHS versus Betamax battle of the video recorders in the 70s? It’s still happening!