Dover MP slates BT as the broadband issue escalates in Kent

Charlie Elphike MP

My local MP has sent me this encouraging reply to an email sent as part of a national campaign. Looks like many BT direct (or indirect) customers have had enough.

This could be the beginning of some good news for broadband in East Kent, fingers crossed!

Thank you for contacting me about broadband and BT. I appreciate how important broadband is to both individuals and businesses. Reliable, fast broadband should be available to everyone in our country. It is essential for every business and household. More needs to be done to ensure that all parts of the country, particularly rural villages have the access to the broadband they need.

The current relationship between BT and Openreach will not deliver the country’s needs for more competition, better innovation and better service. The Department for Culture, Media and Sport are clear that a more independent Openreach is needed to benefit consumers and the UK’s digital infrastructure. BT’s current proposals do not go far enough and I think it is right that full structural separation should be pushed for.

I know that Ofcom are seeking views on proposed changes to Openreach, I will follow the outcome of this consultation.

Thank you again for contacting me.


Charlie Elphicke MP. Member of Parliament for Dover & Deal

Not happy with your download speeds?
As more on-like technology (like 4K TV requiring 25mb download speeds) become available the infrastructure must keep up with demand but can BT deliver?

Some areas of East Kent like for example Worth (between Deal and Sandwich), have virtually no broadband or mobile phone signal. Is this acceptable?

Have your say and give Charlie the ammunition to fight for better broadband.