Client’s iphones causing problems with emails

iphine server stacking emails

iphone email set-upWe’ve been having a bit of a purge these last few weeks with high volume stacking on our servers. A few clients use WebMail as their main email archive which can cause issues if not managed properly, but the main culprit is the iphone!

Androids don’t appear to have the same email management problems iphones have, and when contacting clients identified as high server users it’s nearly always been an iphone causing it.

Help is at hand in the shape of our very useful support pages: but if still unsure you can call anytime.

All accounts are now restricted to 500mb and the vast majority of accounts never go over 50mb

Other common email stacking problems are:

  • Outlook users setting an advance setting to keep copies of emails on the server
  • Webmail users not managing the emails
  • mobile users not deleting non-critical emails from the server via their phones (imap)

And of course, BT screwing up all their email users (our IT support guys do very well out of BT’s incompetence!)

Not sure, we can help and thanks to everyone who’s been helping us recently with our email/server de-clutter

also see imap v pop3