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new IT partner for Oast House Media

New IT support partner

Oast House Media have always worked closely with IT companies. Having a good safety net for this service is vital for us as we get many enquiries from our clients about: emails (especially iPhone users) anti-spam/junk emails broadband connectivity laptop, PC and phone repairs telecoms A few of our clients already have some form of IT support but the vast majority call us! For the record, OHM does have a general understanding about the above but we do not have the skill levels most technical issues throw up, that’s why we use a trusted IT partner and in this case an IT expert recommended by one of our Thanet based...

BT ofcom split

REJOICE! Openreach to legally separate from BT

This is a truly remarkable day if you rely on BT Openreach to supply your broadband, after many years Ofcom have got their way and it can only be for the good. For decades Openreach (the infrastructure division of BT) have under achieved leaving millions of businesses and homes without the broadband they deserve. In fact we still have clients in East Kent on not much better than ‘dial-up’ in rural areas. “This is a significant day for phone and broadband users,” said Ofcom chief executive Sharon White. “The new Openreach will be built to serve all its customers equally, working truly independently and taking investment decisions on behalf of...

Queen announces – Broadband for all, or is it?

Not sure what the government is up to on this one but it is now official – high speed broadband for all and it came from The Queen! “Measures will be brought forward to create the right for every household to access high speed-broadband”… “Legislation will be introduced to improve Britain’s competitiveness and make the United Kingdom a world leader in the digital economy.” Changes of law can take some time to be ratified so don’t get your hopes up it you’re waiting for your 2Mb download speed to increase in the near future. Once the law becomes official like your legal right to water, electricity and the post, there’s...

BT down again, rubbish service affects 1000’s of website owners

It’s well known that the BT service is pretty appalling, so much so that the Government wants to sell parts of it off. The UK is way behind other EU countries on broadband speeds and some areas still can not achieve more than 2mb. Today BT’s network crashed again and 1000s of customers lost not just the internet but e-commerce payment lines and of course telephone lines costing £1000’s in lost business. It is appalling when you think BT have poured £1,000,000s into football coverage. Why not do what you are paid to do correctly first then go off and play? see: BBC web page #BTdown