REJOICE! Openreach to legally separate from BT

BT ofcom split

This is a truly remarkable day if you rely on BT Openreach to supply your broadband, after many years Ofcom have got their way and it can only be for the good.

For decades Openreach (the infrastructure division of BT) have under achieved leaving millions of businesses and homes without the broadband they deserve. In fact we still have clients in East Kent on not much better than ‘dial-up’ in rural areas.

“This is a significant day for phone and broadband users,” said Ofcom chief executive Sharon White. “The new Openreach will be built to serve all its customers equally, working truly independently and taking investment decisions on behalf of the whole industry – not just BT.”

It’s going to take a while with a new Act of Parliament and a massive transfer of staff and pension funds required, but it’s a start! Well done Ofcom