Brexit logo – clever design or created in a rush?

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Oast House Media have been designing logos for local businesses for over 20 years. It’s not as simple as some of the designs look, for a start they have to reproduce on all media from embroidered workwear, web designs, litho printing to large format posters and signage.

Over the years we’ve created some nice work and still see our handiwork on vans, websites and adverts.

When we saw the new Brexit logo we were intrigued because even this had raised the eyebrows of the electoral elite. If you voted in the Euro election you would have seen the black/white version of the Brexit logo clearly pointing at the vote box on the right. There were apparently complaints but was it deliberate?

We think yes, and the logo also created debate – it it a house on its side?

Why light blue? Well we know blue is a popular ‘selling’ or ‘promo’ colour, it’s also compatible with all media formats and can be seen on dark and light backgrounds so no confusing colour options.

Clever design? We think yes, just because it ruffled a few collars and stood out, raising the Brexit profile.

Did it work? We think it did and what’s more it has a life, the design is unlikely to tire in time if Brexit survives!


  • Is your logo clear and designed for all media?
  • Do you own (copyright) and have a copy of the original design file?
  • Thinking about a re-design?

contact Oast House Media for a non-political opinion of your logo!