African Podoconiosis charity website goes live

mossy foot charity website design in deal, east kent

Oast House Media do not specialise in charity website design but we’ve created a few over the years, and here’s another discounted website design for the Mossy Foot charity based in Great Mongeham, making this the 6th web design for our local village community.



Mossy Foot (also known as Podoconiosis or “Podo”) is a non-infectious disease causing massive swelling of the legs leading to pain, disability and social exclusion. The locals can’t afford shoes so they work the local fields bare foot.

“Podoconiosis affects those spending a lot of time barefoot, in contact with silicate rich soil, fertile volcanic soils. Typically this includes barefoot agricultural workers who cannot afford or choose not to wear shoes.” more about the disease.

Charity director DR CLAIRE FULLER MA FRCP is a consultant dermatologist who has developed a research interest in tropical dermatology and dermatology care in resource poor settings of the world. She chairs the International Foundation for Dermatology and is on the board of the International League of Dermatological Societies. (

Oast House Media are proud to be part of such an important charity

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