A beautiful new website for Beautiful Homes UK

A referral from our business partners GotopSEO, Deal based Beautiful Homes UK already had a website but there was a problem, it was a Wix website! OK, what’s the problem with a Wix website i hear you say? Well you can ask co-director Cian O’Hanlon, he built it.

The age old problem with any of the cloud web template packages is the Google SEO, it sucks! Do not expect a ‘catch all’ design process like Wix to work with Google, no chance, Google is very selective about how it caches data from website, that’s why we built the Beautiful Homes UK website (and all other web clients) using WordPress. WordPress fully integrates with Google and ticks all the requirement buttons. That’s very important for any business.

We met Cian and the team last year (2019) at their retail shop in Deal and got a really good feel for the products and energy these guys have for their work. We’ve never seen so many accreditations. The design brief was simple, ‘like-for-like’ in content from the old web pages, new images and some new web pages for the new product ranges.

We guided Cian on design look and feel with some existing websites and our extensive theme portfolio but didn’t lose focus on the existing corporate ID. Very important not to shake the design up too much or customers might thing there’s been a major change within the company.

Beautiful Homes UK have also signed up for Google SEO campaign management as they look to increase their business in the East Kent area through a managed optimisation page one listing.

see website: beautifulhomesuk.co.uk