Win some, lose some

website lost

We don’t win every website inquiry but we give it our best shot. For example, local sportswear supplier contacted us about an e-commerce shop with warehouse product management built in.

It was going to be a big website and we needed a solution for the back-end warehouse product (SKU) control. We located and contacted a supplier who turned out to be more than a match for the requirement.

Alas we didn’t get the web page design part of the gig but here’s what the owner said about us…

…I cant thank you enough for your time and advice as this system appears to be (and I believe will be) exactly what we need. I will actually end up solving more problems than just the website issues we were looking to sort!…As I say I’m personally immensely grateful to you for your assistance and I am sorry that it hasn’t worked out for you in terms of building a formal business relationship with us.

It was our expertise that put the business owner in touch with the right people to do the job, OK we lost a potentially big client but we gained a lot of respect for being honest and transparent.

We wish them all the best on the new adventure.