Why is UK hosting for web pages so important?

Website hosting is a bit like the store cupboard in your office, always there, under lock and key, gets a bit dusty; you know the score. In fact it’s probably the most important part of your website because without it you wouldn’t have a web presence. I wont go into too much detail as there are so may elements that make up hosting but basically it’s were your web pages and emails are held.

Your web name points at these pages so when someone finds your web details on Google or a web link the inquiry is routed to either your home page (default) or the specific page referred to, ie: /contact, the hosting mechanism then delivers the page and content (images/text/colours/font into etc) to the browsers computer/tablet/phone – all in the fraction of a second to anywhere in the world.

It’s therefore vitally important that you select the best hosting service which offers

  • the latest server technology
  • fast delivery speeds
  • regular updates
  • 24/7 support
  • technical expertise
  • low cost

Most importantly got UK businesses, it has to be sited in the UK because Google can see where your pages are (IP). If you hosting in the USA but trade and target UK business Google will hold your pages back in preference to UK hosted pages. A .co.uk web name is also important for the same reason, it identifies your location (.com is international/USA)