Vurley Fencing post a new era

vurley fencing new website design in deal, east kent

Vurley Fencing are one of our oldest web design clients, sadly victims of their own success, they’ve never been able to dedicate time to upgrade their original 2010 design.

So we came up with a cunning plan! OHM offered to convert the old pages ‘like-for-like’ with no customer involvement, submit for approval and then go live.

This worked for business owners Kevin and Mark Vurley, plus it gave us a platform to show the client how our new WordPress web design pages can be easily updated once the FREE WordPress training is completed.

We also added new features to the web pages to help improve the browser experience, such as:

  • Product image gallery
  • Text product search
  • Category search
  • Product specification
  • Social media links

As the client adds improved imagery and edits the old text, the new website is will become a better marketing platform increasing sales

see website:

vurley fencing sample web page

Vurley Fencing sample web page