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who is the best web designer in Kent

Who is the best website designer in Kent?

Finding the right website designer in Kent for your business can be a daunting task, your search may not reveal the best website designer for your business either, so who is the best website designer in Kent? Here are some check points that will help.

operator compliance

Spy in the cab website in the fast lane (update)

The tachograph has been euphemistically called the ‘the spy in the cab’ for years but did you know it was originally used on trains? The Daniel Tachometer was used on railways in 1844 and in 1985 tachographs were mandatory throughout the EEC for commercial trucks. I’m not saying that Faversham based Operator Compliance owner Clive Glaze has been specialising in Tachograph Analysis since 1844 but he certainly packs in the knowledge with over 20 years in the business. As an existing client we offered Clive a ‘like-for-like’ conversion to a Google mobile friendly ‘responsive’ website design last year (2015) through our regular client newsletters. With the transport trade mostly using...

oast house media (kent) logo

New website design goes down very well

Since launching our new website, Deal (Kent) based website design company Oast House Media have received some great feedback. The new branding has been a major change for the company and as with any new logo design project there can be negative feedback and a loss of confidence but rest assured Oast House Media’s website, logo and print design goes from strength to strength. New branding       Sadly we sat goodbye to ‘Eric’

Astra Sound, website design clients

Canterbury Festival website design

If you’re attending any of this years Canterbury Festival events there’s a good chance that the PA system has been installed by web clients Astra Sound. Locally based Astra Sound have been supplying PA and Sound Engineering services to the festival and many other Kent events for 30 years. Their first website design was completed by Oast House Media 2 years ago but as soon as the Canterbury Festival ends we’re going to upgrade the web pages to Google ‘responsive’ . See old website www.astra-sound.co.uk