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Harbour Print in Dover new website design

Harbour Print web redesign

Harbour Print, a print and signage company based in Dover have been web design clients for over 15 years, this is in fact their 3rd website with us so we were very pleased to be part of their re-design process. It’s always a perk to work with clients allied to our own trade, we almost speak the same jargon. Stuart the owner is a good graphic designer as well, keeping us on our toes as we progressed the design. The web design was also enhanced by the clients huge archive of good quality case study photography As with most clients, being top of Google for trade and geographical phrase searches...


Website image use – are you legal?

We all know that Google’s image search is free and that it’s very easy to copy those images onto your local drive – but can you use those images? Yes you can! Now I know some of you may be surprised by that answer especially if I’ve sat in front of you and got all anal about copyright law, but in certain circumstances you can use images that do not belong to you. Can I point out at this stage that I am not legally qualified and only offer this information based on my own knowledge/research but what i do know is that if you’re not the originator of an...