Server upgrade notice

website page and email server hosting in kent

As we continue to improve our website design services we occasionally have to implement updates that impact on our clients, most updates are done seamlessly and without disruption to ‘up time’. This weekend our entire web hosting is moving to a much larger, quicker and more future proof system called ‘CIRRUS’.

Working with our host partners and monitoring on a weekly basis we’ve identified a possible issue with system overload.

Why upgrade?
We receive twice daily ‘NodeQuery’ system level reports that keep a close eye on the status of your web pages, emails and the server in general. Due to development/usage/activity especially on WordPress accounts the servers have overloaded several times in the past 6 months. Rather than just bolting on additional space we decided to take the ‘worry’ factor out of our daily web hosting management and go for an upgrade that is more robust suited to out future web requirements

So on Sunday 20th November the upgrade commences. All clients have been notified via our newsletter email.

The upgrade shouldn’t impact on anyones web pages and/or emails apart from a short period of down time on Sunday evening/Monday morning

The new servers are more expensive but we will not be passing that cost onto the customer as we continue to hold our standard rates for a fifth year.

Thanks to all our clients and our suppliers who have assisted us over the past weeks

Server update (21-11-16)