Refreshed content – the simple SEO answer to going top of Google?

refreshed website content

There is no doubt that since Google kicked ‘back linking’ into touch a few years ago it’s now all about streaming original, quality, keyword heavy content into your web pages.

Our website homepage is updated on average every week (with posts like this) and the results are very rewarding. In our trade, being top of Google for “website designers in Kent” is a great achievement because every website designer in Kent is trying to do the same thing. But there’s no magic, no tricks, just a few minutes a week adding content.

For WordPress websites this is easy…

  • pick a subject you know all about
  • write about 300 words
  • add a photo.

Now lets look a bit deeper into that flippant set of bullets!

  1. Target keyword
    Don’t just write about anything, you know your keywords, geographical catchment area, technical terms, trade names – use them and use them again and again in every post
  2. Add photos
    WordPress posts use ‘featured images’ add a good quality image to every post, minimum of one and make it interesting like the stream photo we used from Pixabay – IT IS FREE!
  3. Re-name (file name) the photo to describe the post
    All photos in your web pages should be re-named (the top image is called ‘refreshed website content’) to describe the image, ‘alt’ tags added, scaled to the correct size (max 2,000ppi wide @ 72ppi res)
  4. Add links from the keyword phrases
    Adding links in the post text to relevant pages withing the website like this is a must do action – “free images for your website design”
    It ‘bread crumbs’ Google into other pages that have more content, this in turn is cached by Google adding more value to your web pages

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