Off License website redesign goes live

The Strand Wine Company website in Deal and Sandwich Kent

Popular ‘offy’ The Stand based in Sandwich and Walmer in Kent have been long term web clients. Having read my many News Letters, owners Tess and Glen asked for a consultation, where else? down the pub!

It was a really interesting meeting because being in the trade they know not only the brands and types of drink, but what is trending: ie Jägerbombs out, Gin is in! When you talk to the experts you can begin to understand the trade and what makes it work well for you.

The Strand Wine Company website in Deal and Sandwich KentThe old website was about five years old so well overdue a makeover and a great opportunity to refresh content. Surprisingly i was asked to emphasise contact details in preference to products. Tess and Glen had identified that folk using mobile devices jut want to call or find their location. With this in mind we delivered a much simpler design style with all contact info high and clear on the home page

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