New website for Ivy

Neil Carrington contacted Oast House Media earlier in the month requesting a WordPress upgrade for his old static page design (Garden Services) plus a new 4 page website for his new business – Ivy Removal.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of removing ivy from your property you will know it is a gardeners nightmare, but did you know it’s poisonous? It’s also very difficult to completely eradicate, leave one tiny bit of the plant and in the right conditions it will grow back.

That’s why Neil identified this niche area in the gardening services market and requested the new website, complimenting the existing services already offer on the main site.

Neil’s team supplied the new text and before/after images. Oast House media adapted the existing logo design and added free images to the web pages. We also bundled the 2 design as one project and discounted the costs.

The main reason for splitting this service is Google SEO, Google will give a preference to a dedicated website, it also allows the client to focus specific keyword content like news blogs into a site just using the ‘ivy’ keywords.

So if you are having problems with Ivy, give Neil a call and he’ll sort her out!