New web design for Canterbury Electrical business AAPH

Canterbury based AAPH Electrical originally contacted OHM for advice about marketing within the local communities. The conversation quickly turned to 2 key media components for any business

  • Logo?
  • Website?

With neither boxes ticked, OHM advised that both needed to be in place before any other promotion campaign could be looked at as both would feature on any future advert, stationery, workwear etc.

logo design for aaph electrical

Vector format logo design converted to a .gif file for web use

Logo design
A quick and simple design compatible with all future media use (vector format), the new logo can be used by the client for every purpose the business is going to require in the future and forms the most important part of the corporate look and feel with colours and fonts defining placement and use.


Web design
A Google/mobile friendly WordPress website that the client can update themselves. With our FREE WordPress training service that comes with all new web designs, the client is able to add imagery, edit texts and the more advanced user can create new pages and posts.

With these 2 important elements in place, AAPH Electrical are ready to market themselves on

  • Social Media
  • Stationery
  • Adverts
  • Workwear
  • Signage
new website for canterbury aaph elecrical business cards and advert

Business card (left) and magazine advert using the new logo for 4 colour process printing

What else did we do?

  • Purchased new web name after researching availability and possible conflict of use
  • On page web copy writing
  • Supply generic FREE images
  • Optimised web pages for Google
  • Created business cards
  • Created local magazine advert


What did the client say?

“One call and I am so much the wiser, Nigel at OHM explained what I needed and how it could be done. Most importantly he probably saved me a small fortune in avoiding additional marketing costs. basically our website is our marketing hub” AS

See website: