Lost web name recovery – case study

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We’ve reported this disaster before but it’s well worth reminding website owners to make sure they have their web name account information safely archived. One of our clients website ‘disappeared’ last month taking web pages and emails with it – why?

The owner had relied on a relative to manage her primary web name, ie: purchase, renew etc, but there was a breakdown in communication and the web name was’nt maintained and the registrant company (based in USA) de-registered it!

The relative could not be contacted so the business, which relies totally on web inquiries, ceased to trade. We recommended the .co.uk variant which was purchased and now the site is up and running again www.nightowlcaremonitoring.co.uk

Find out more about web names and ownership, it is very important to own and have access to your web name account – DO NOT REPLY ON 3RD PARTIES TO DO THIS FOR YOU

Not sure? check here: whois.domaintools.com