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logo design for strettit in Surrey

draft logo design inc colour variants

Surrey based investments company Strettit contacted OHM for logo design prices. The brief was a bit vague but on a theme we’ve worked on before – Oast Houses! In fact we got the call because of our OHM 3 oast logo design.

We estimated 2 hours to complete based on the clients use and style description, to assist we quickly put together a draft idea which was accepted without edit. We also supplied 4 colour variations with the green option being selected.

At this point we’d only spent 30 minutes on the project and having received approval on the draft design it was a simple task of creating the same logo in Ai (Adobe Illustrator) format for all media use.

[Adobe Illustrator is the trade standard vector creation software used by the majority of graphic designers around the world]

The client was so happy they then asked for a second logo for their investments company using the same style. Even with this addition we managed to stay within budget and added ‘negative’ versions of the logo for use with dark backgrounds.

see our media design consultancy website: nigelstevenson.co.uk/logo-design

On payment the copyright was assigned and all master and export files delivered within 24 hours of the first call!

[it is very important to secure the copyright for a contracted origination like graphic design to stop any ownership issues in the future]

strettit logo design in adobe illlustrator

Strettit logo design in adobe illlustrator