Logo design for Kent businesses

logo designs for kent businesses

logo design for kent businessesFirst on the list when setting up new business media – your logo?
We think so, that’s why we support our website design service with logo design.

But not just for web use, a logo is for life therefore it must be adaptable for ALL media including print, signage, advertising and even workwear!

Our logos are designed using Adobe Illustrator, the universal design tool for all media trades which means whatever the use, your logo will be compatible with the publisher/printer/manufacturer.

Our logo design process is tried and tested over many years and aimed to deliver exactly what the client requires and within the constraints of the end use.

We also give good advice to keep the costs down and save you money in the long term with logo options for different backgrounds and restrictive repro processes such as single colour printing, embroidery and screen print.

With over 40 years experience designing for all media, our logo service is one of the best in Kent.

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Logo design for…

  • web pages
  • printing
  • large format printing
  • signage
  • workwear
  • adverts
  • banner links
  • marketing material

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