Jack Stevenson – the next generation of design

It’s always nice to show off a bit about your kids especially when they have a bit of success, son Jack Stevenson is alas the only off spring to join director Nigel Stevenson in the design trades.

Jack Stevenson, top row, third from the left with work colleagues in Berlin


“Like me, Jack also studied at Medway College of Design but these days it’s accredited with university status. I left art college with a City and Guilds, Jack has a design degree. Same meat different gravy you could say but it was nice to know we both shared the same inspirational space.

After leaving college in 1975 I started work with GEC Marconi at Rochester Airport and 23 years later aspired to Chief Illustrator, Jack is not following dad up the Maidstone Road, he’s now working in Amsterdam for international gaming company PUBG Europe.

Give Jack a few more year experience I think Jack will start his own business like his very proud dad” NS

Portfolio: anotherartist.co.uk