Is your website top of a Google search page?

Here at Oast House Media we don’t just build websites, we know that our clients also want to be top of Google.

If you manage to achieve the Holy Grail of page 1, listing 1 you will see an increase in sales enquiries. If you’re not on page, your business could struggle in the future as the post Covid shift to on-line sales increases.

google logo seo in kentWhy Google?
Google has on average over 85% of all UK search use (source Statista) followed by Bing (7%) and Yahoo (3%) – you can forget the rest including as their market share is very small.

What is Google looking for and how does it work?
Google sends a ‘bot’ to trawl through your web pages and ‘cache’ content from pre-defined areas of your website source code, if that content is correctly laid out, tagged and refreshed your content can be found, if not your chances of a page 1 profile diminish considerably.

Is a search from a mobile device different from a PC?
Similar but geographical location may force a search based on location with a mobile phone (Google knows where you are). You will also get different results if you are

  1. logged into your Google account
  2. allowing cookies to be used
  3. using private or incognito settings.

Google also reacts to web pages that are not mobile friendly (responsive), small text and slow loading, allowing compliant sites to show first.

There’s a lot of debate about the best way to build a website with search results in mind. We already know that without a structured keyword plan you can confuse Google or the Google algorithm might think you are trying to trick it risking a black listing.

Our proven process is to pre-agree…

  • trade word families
  • public search word families
  • geographical words (ie: towns or known areas)

Once agreed and ‘targetted’ the SEO process becomes a lot easier for us to embed into page content and tags that we know Google looks for.

It takes time to develop keyword SEO within a website. It is best practice to evolve the process over a period of time so Google’s cache process sees a natural process not a forced one. Google is very sensitive to high volume changes.

google search results snippet for website designers in east kent

Google search results snippet for website designers in east kent

Results and gauging success
It’s very important that keyword phrases chosen for the SEO campaign are checked every week or at least monthly to make sure they are working. If a phrase is lacking results/position there may be additional work on the relevant web page(s) to be completed especially on phrase used by your competition.

The DIY option is of course free and to assist we cover SEO as part of our new website training. We also add an SEO plug-in to all our WordPress website designs making every page optimised. We do however offer a campaign management service through our SEO partners at GoTopSEO.

GoTopSEO are one of Kent’s most experienced small business Google optimisers and have a proven success record.

OHM are WordPress web designers based in Kent, WordPress is one of the best web design platforms you could use on a Google SEO campaign.

However, some older websites are simply rejected by Google because the do not conform to their rules. We’ve also found on-line web design platforms like Wix, GoDaddy and 123-Reg do not allow the depth of SEO required for success. They might look pretty but they do not tick all the Google boxes for Google.

To find out more and get a FREE SEO report for your business website, contact us today.