Hosting transfer IN, new client moves their existing website to OHM

richards taxis dover website hosting

We don’t just design websites, we also host our web pages and occasionally we receive a transfer ‘in’ request. Our dedicated London based servers are used to host 1000s of web pages for 100s of business. The vast majority are designed by us.

Last month we received an inquiry from local Dover based taxi company Richard’s Taxis who’d been having ‘update and reply (sic) issues’ with their Middlesbrough based design company. After receiving the WordPress web pages and database it was a relatively simple ‘reload’ process.

Now we have control over the pages we can add missing SEO and complete the updates the client had been waiting for. We will also be working with our new client on training and continued SEO performance to help get this website top on Google for selected keyword phrases.

The transfer has also saved the client about £500.00 on re-design costs because had the old design company not been so amenable there would have have to have been a re-design!

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