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As we go through the preliminary website design questions the company logo can sometimes be a stumbling block. Not all new businesses have a their design in place or it’s been put together within a print package so not accessible.

fabrico logo adobe illustrator design

logo design using a trade recognised design program

As part of our website design we offer all new clients a free logo, up to one hour design time. This is great for simple logos like the one we’ve just completed for Fabrico Partners in Manston, Kent and gets the colour scheme agreed at the same time.

In this case the Fabrico Partners marketing manager had created a text logo in PowerPoint but it’s not exportable to other publishing programs. It did however give us an insight into the clients requirements. A few tweaks and a font change and here it is.

It’s important to know that different designers use different graphic design packages, some are not compatible with other and some uses may be restricted.

new logo for fabrico

final design for web, print and all other media use

Our logo design service
All our logos can be used in any design program and for any use! Amazingly bold statement but it’s true. Our logos can be converted and used for…

  • website design
  • print design
  • signage
  • screen print
  • embroidery
  • vinyl
  • TV media

in fact every media except radio!

nigel stevenson book coverExperience the difference
How can we cover all the bases? We use trade standard tools, colour codes and over 40 years of logo design experience. OHM director Nigel Stevenson has been a designer since 1975 and also assists start-up companies as a media consultant, he’s event written a book about it!

If you would like a copy of ‘on your marks’ click here for ordering details

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