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Ofsted Inspection Notification Kit for schools OiNK

OfSted Inspection Notification Kit for schools (OiNK)

Great news for schools staff! Oast House Media (schools web design service) have created web based system that notifies the school managers of an impending visit to their school,

design conversion in Kent

New website for Castle Hill School

Our excursions into school web designs are sadly few and far between mainly because of the Ofsted requirements, head teachers tend to feel more comfortable with a specialist school web design companies. Having just completed Folkestone based Castle Hill Primary/Nursery School’s website we can see why. Ofsted lay down some tough rules about expected content/conformity with stiff penalties for out of date or no content where required. OHM spent a considerable amount of time sifting through the many guidance web pages and highlighted areas that may require investigation on the old Wix website. The web design process itself was the same as any new web design but as there were...