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lockbit ransomware threat to websites

LockBit ransomware threat for web design

The press and social media platforms are giving a lot of airspace to a ransomware threat affecting cyber security – do not panic!

Password security best practice

The front line of your device and program security is your password. Gone are the days using your pet’s name or favorite football team!

PayPal scam caller – Woo Commerce upgrade

An e-commerce shop client contacted OHM this week asking us to discuss a Woo-Commerce (WordPress shop plug-in) upgrade with a PayPal representative. We took the call from an Irish sounding male who calmly explained PayPal were upgrading security which required a plug-in installation for Woo-Commerce. But we wasn’t going to fall for that! During the call we Googled the phone number “who is calling me” [phone number] which uncovered a scam caller impersonating PayPal. During the call we confronted the gentleman with this information but he said this is not uncommon, in fact he said it was good to check and offered to send an email authenticating his credentials. Said...