Brexit, how will it change web design

brexit website design

In a word and to save you reading this news feed – not a lot! In fact I can only think of one piece of legislation that impacted on web design and that was the cookie rules, which by the way only the UK adhered to!

Fortunately there are very few rules us web designers have to abide by and most of them are to do with publication law. Copyright is important, hence the header image was paid for and supplied by an image library, but in general most of the rules are made up by:

  • devices reading web pages, ie: mobile phones, ipads etc
  • delivery speeds, ie: broadband, 4G, fibre optics
  • search requirements, ie: Google search rules and SEO layout
  • coding, ie: we use specific code languages to convert a design into a browser friendly preview
  • human access, ie: how a human interacts with a web page
  • language, ie: how you read the text content

The internet is an un-tameable animal that basically does what the leader of the pack wants. It roams the ethernet, restricted to physical restraints but content and how it is delivered is very much guided by non-euro giants liker Google, Apple, Microsoft, W3C and a few other big players.

So no, Brexit will not change web design. It may however influence a change in website ownership depending on how British commerce survives the changes.