Best web designers in Kent?

who is the best website designer in kent

It’s not easy to gauge value when it comes to a service like web design is it?
If you pop into Tescos to buy you favourite choccy bar and it’s cheaper than the corner shop, that’s better value. If you have a favourite tipple and it’s more expensive in the wine bar than your local pub but you prefer the ambiance? Is that good value, or are you balancing cost against an experience, so called ‘customer satisfaction’.

Take this a step further and we find find ourselves indulging in some products (and services) that don’t just take us from A to B the quickest way, they also give enjoyment. The petrol heads amongst you will understand the difference between a journey in a Daewoo compared with a Daimler, and what about nylon sheets compared with Turkish cotton, instant coffee compared with fresh ground? etc etc

Website design services can be quantified in the same way, what is good value?

  • cheap hosting with no support, or managed accounts with a knowledgeable agent?
  • a Wix template website, or a customised WordPress website?
  • talking to the web designer, or talking to a person in south east Asia?
  • maintenance agreement, or pay by the job?

Problem is we forget to ask these questions when we venture into the unknown world of web design. It’s easy to ask the obvious, ie: how much is a 7 page website going to cost? or how much is a shop going to cost?

But what about…

  • are my web pages going to work on Google?
  • how much is it going to cost to add more web pages?
  • how much is the hosting per year?
  • who do I speak to for support?
  • are you in the UK?

Here at Oast House Media we’d like to think we offer the best value web package and overall web design experience in Kent because we offer…

Is this the best package for website design in Kent? We think so!