5 common website design fails

five web design mistakes

We’ve been designing websites for Kent businesses for nearly 20 years, in that time we’ve seen some common mistakes made buy business owners who should have gone to the professional. Here are our top five website design fails…

  1. The biggest error you can make is buy into a cheap template design like Wix or Yell

    Template websites simply do not work on Google, optimisation is not available and in many cases content and images are shared – Google wants to see original content.
    Although they advertise support, very often after the honeymoon period your calls and emails are ignored.
    Long term, costs are usually much higher than a pro-design.

  2. Not refreshing page content

    Google is a hungry animal and rates your website on how much data you feed it, refreshed data is the golden nugget.
    We highly recommend that you refresh some content on your website at least once a month, more often if you have the time.
    The best way to do this is via your WordPress blog posts which also previews on your home page

  3. Too much text, not enough imagery

    Google likes text, we agree to that but humans like what we call ‘sticky content’, ie: images, videos, diagrams.
    There’s a balance on any web page, get it right you can hold the browser and get the call!
    Many business owners over-kill the text content making the page appear bland and boring.

  4. Poor navigation

    So many websites hide the important pages by over-complicating the top of the page navigation.
    The old saying KISS (keep it simple stupid) is best practice and make the landing page quick and easy to absorb the information.

  5. Not Google mobile friendly

    It’s been two and a half years now since Google announced it was going to penalise non-Google friendly (or responsive) web pages.
    If you’re not responsive, you’re not playing!
    Over 50% of all devices are now viewed on a mobile device

Some of these are easy fixes, contact us for a free check on your website