2018 – the mission

website design mission statement

Back in the 60s a clever inventor created the plastic washing up bowl, a eureka moment they thought. Indestructible, you would never have to buy another one (where am I going with this?). Alas no, us humans like to change, refresh, re-designing our living space so despite the great claims millions of perfectly good and usable washing up bowls ended up on the scrap heap.

Websites can be the same and we have some very old designs still working for their owners but the internet is all about change. Like the washing up bowl you can if you want carry on using the old style design, it’s made of plastic so it will never wear out, same for a website, no moving parts and as long as it’s hosted it will be visible to anyone in the world who know where it is.

The trick with a website is to evolve it to work with the platforms that publish on the web, most importantly Google. Our mission is to promote our clients with professional, Google friendly, responsive web pages that feature on page one of Google.

Google SEO (search engine optimisation) campaign management is the latest of many SEO ‘bolt-ons’ we offer here at Oast House Media. It is fair to say that there are many web designers out there who can put together very nice websites but SEO is sometimes not a priority so having paid your money the website doesn’t feature on page one of Googles search results pages.

How annoying is that?
In that situation you are probably going to:

  • get annoyed with your designer because he didn’t price SEO into the cost
  • spend a lot of time researching google SEO
  • realise your website will never go top of Google because it’s not set-up correctly
  • consider pay-per-click advertising adding more costs

Our mission
Oast House Media offer FREE training with all new website designs and as part of that process we explain how Google works in simple English and what you need to do to help yourself. We will also show you best practice for on-page SEO copy writing. We will add SEO plug-ins to help your pages list with Google. FREE images (and logos subject to content) are also available and low cost logo design for new clients.

In short we WILL support, train and mentor all web clients to get the most out of their website.

In addition we can manage your website content and SEO campaign for you. Contact us for more about SEO campaign management.

The washing bowl was a great invention but no good for mans evolution!