Drone demonstration at Oast House media in Kent

drone photos in deal

Website design client Ryan Holah of Renowned Roofing contacted us last year and asked me to set up a demonstration with a local drone pilot, Ryan could see the potential of a drone when completing roof surveys, especially awkward or big projects like factories and warehouses.

We spoke to Dave Sander – Kent Drone Filming and we arranged a demo here at Farm Cottage just outside of Deal in Kent. The drone and controls came in a hand luggage style bag and was put together in just a few minutes. After a few check the drone was in the air within 10 minutes of taking up a launch position.

Watch the demo video filmed in Great Mongeham, Deal, Kent, edited by our WP developer Chris Sim

As you can see in David’s experienced hands the drone flew quickly and accurately to various check points over safe ground to make sure all was OK before flying over the subject area. As the flight progressed I could see that the streamed imagery from the drone camera to the iPad screen was very high quality and David could easily use the iPad to navigate but at the same time using his own view point to monitor other object like birds, power cables and trees which could cause flight problems.

David has a very good understanding of the flight process having flow rotary and fixed wing aircraft for many years. He also has full insurance and CAA approval to do this work, taking great care to make sure everyone in the area was safe in the same way he would check a larger aircraft. The iPad image program allowed David to film and take stills at the press of a button so as the drone cruised the area i could request photos or video recording. The on-board Canon camera has13 mega pixel/4K image quality. In fact all photos taken on the day were shot in ‘RAW’ format, a professional file type but jpg is also available at the touch of a button.

All files were stored on the crafts in-built SD card and when we got back to the office we were amazed at the quality allowing us to zoom into areas for a closer inspection.

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