WordPress website goes live: OHM sponsor Canterbury riding club

Marshside Riding Club near Canterbury had a problem! No news, no event information, no one knew where they were plus their old website wasn’t working correctly. Problem solved with a new WordPress website design which not only has the pages to cover (literally) all events but can be easily updated by the client.

Marshside also had another problem and something we’ve resolved in the past: limited funds.
Having worked with many other clubs and charities in the past, here at Oast House Media we know that members put in a lot of hard work to raise monies for things like websites and other essentials.

We help the members with discounted design and hosting and in this case reduced the costs further by sponsoring the club and agreeing that their web manager would populate the pages (add their own content) after attending a free training session.

But we didn’t skip on the attributes
The new website has both news and event blog feeds, 2 gallery systems for general and event pictures, contact page form and location map plus the usual easy to edit content management system.

see website: marshsideridingclub.org