Website and Google SEO saves Canterbury business

Covid 19 has affected businesses in many ways, hospitality trades have been devastated as the national lock down and then tier 3 hits Kent during the run in to Christmas (2020). Other service businesses have managed to survive by adapting to the restrictions but there is no doubt that the businesses that are surviving and in some cases prospering are those with a website.

Back in March 2020 we were contacted by several new clients requested web design or web re-design of an existing website. That steady stream of enquiries continues to this day. Everyone wants a website as retail footfall is reduced to a trickle.

A Case Study
We took over the Heat Design Canterbury website 2 years ago, the website was broken, not featuring on Google and slow loading. The new owners were at loggerheads with the existing design company so they asked Oast House Media to re-design their web pages using WordPress. Completed in a few days the new web pages did OK on Google but specific trade and product keywords were getting suppressed by other websites content, especially the more specialist suppliers.

Heat Design asked OHM to look into Google search engine optimisation through our sister company GoTopSEO, as you can see the results have been spectacular with all keyword phrases now page 1 on Google

Step forward 1 pandemic! In March 2020 Heat Design reacted like all retail outlets and closed, furloughing all staff. The owners were very concerned having invested so much time, energy and personal funding to re-launch the Heat Design brand. For a few weeks in the glorious weather everyone took an unofficial holiday, then something happened, home owners were changing their holiday plans, they had some cash, many furloughed now had time on their hands and a home improvement revolution took off throughout the spring and summer of 2020.

So there was Heat Design, top of Google, lovely website ( customers with time and money, a winning combination that has continued to reap rewards all the way through to December. There is no doubt that businesses in Kent (tier 3, Dec 2020) with a professional website that’s  page 1 on Google have had a better survival rating than others. In the future the mould is now caste, on-line sales (already accelerating) are set to race away sadly leaving traditional sales infrastructure like the high street behind, unless they too adapt.

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