Only 16 weeks to Christmas

Apologies in advance for using the ‘C’ word in September but you know the score, before you can say ‘Christmas wrapping paper’ we’ll be seeing the first adverts on TV and then, sometime in December, Cadburys will launch the Easter egg adverts.

The point is, there’s only a relatively short time for Kent businesses to adjust, renew, re-design their web pages to make the most of either pre-Christmas business or business generated during the Christmas holidays. We know it appears a bit early to even think about it but remember John Lewis have already filmed their block buster!

We’re entering into one of our (OHM) busier times of the year. Holidays slow work flow down plus we take the break as well, if you’re the same you probably want your website top of Google now and if business is brisk running up the the Christmas break, you probably want to stay top through November and December. You will also want you key services to be clearly accessible on your website – are they?

To find out more about how to go top of Google contact us for a free assessment and don’t forget existing clients with older websites get a discounted WordPress upgrade