New website for one of the UK’s top surgeons

chan jeer web design

Chan Jeer, one of the UK’s top knee surgeons, has been an existing Oast House Media client for many years now (one of 3 Kent based surgeons we’ve built websites for) with this his 3rd website design completed by us.

Chan’s design meeting are typically very quick as he frantically tries to keep on top of his daily schedule. A great guy to work with our design briefs are always very clear.

The latest re-design was no different, after a 15 minute meeting at The Spencer Wing, QE QM, Margate we submitted a draft WordPress website design and then with a few tweaks went live before Christmas holidays. This was very important for Chan as he had contractual information that had to be completed on the website before January 2017.

Oast House Media also supplied free web images and an SEO pack ready for Chan’s secretary to take over and edit pages in the future. We also added a bespoke map of Kent illustration and embedded videos, a vert powerful SEO element!

see website: