New website for Manston business – Google launch process

You may have noticed that we launch new websites using new web names on these blogs? Fabrico Partners are another example of this unique launch package that we’ve developed over the years. It works really well and results can be spectacular.

Here’s an example of new client Fabrico’s journey into Google land…

fabrico holding web page(5) Google launch process
We want our new clients website to go top of Google ASAP but from web name purchase to website delivery can be anything from a few days to a few week as not all clients are ready with the text and image content.

So we put a holding page up so we can commence the Google launch process and get some keyword phrases cached.

(4) Holding page
A simple one page basic design with a logo and 30 to 50 words. Contact information can be added as well and if available an image or two. Most importantly we add keyword content to the metatag area of the head content – gobbledegook? It would be but we explain everything in plain English at the initial meeting.

(3) Launch – phase 1
A blog or create a news feed like this, which includes some information about the business and a link, for example:

east kent free business directory

(2) Launch – phase 2
This is the unique part of our process, we own and manage one of Kent to business directories with 1,000s of Kent only business listing. Our new clients receive a preferential listing including more links to their website

(1) Launch – phase 2
On completing the new website we take the old holding page down and replace with the new web pages, within a few days, sometime hours Google re-caches the new content. We then re-blog the website on our parent site with more positive content and links

(lift off) Bolt-on turbo booster
We can also supply new (and old) clients a turbo boosting SEO (search engine optimisation) package that no only improves your Google status but also manages the keyword phrase content

For more about our unique launch and turbo boost SEO packages, contact us today