New MAISON MILITAIRE military shop e-commerce website coming soon

I had a meeting way back in November last year with Maidstone based MAISON MILITAIRE as the company purchase was going through. I took my 16 year old lad along to see the military models we would be selling on-line through our WordPress e-commerce platform. George is a WW2 military expert and will, given any encouragement, bore you to tears about military hardware so seeing these highly detailed (and very expensive) models in the flesh was a great experience for him.

maison Militaire logo

Our problem was that although there was an existing shop on-line there was no original imagery, even the logo original design was lost so we had to re-create a new logo design and work closely with the client just to get some imagery that does the product justice.

We are very much looking forward to putting this one together for our new clients, watch this space!

german military