IFA WordPress website re-design just in time for Brexit!

Long term client Geoff Langridge has been on our radar for a web page upgrade for some time, unfortunately Geoff and his team are always too busy dealing with their own clients.

westgate towers canterburyThe window of opportunity open for us earlier this year but the old website imagery was not up to it. The images were OK but not good enough quality. We managed to find some great shots of Canterbury where Langridge IFA is based but they were not available for purchase so OHM called on an old friend Trev Liberson, a freelance photographer based in Whitstable, who popped over to Canterbury and took some great photos for us. (see case study)

We’ve commissioned Trev before and the results have always been to class and to a very reasonable budget.

The rest of the website was a straight conversion: old for new, as part of our November 2015 special offer. We added some nice new features including a fully secure contact form and an SEO package so the client can update keywords like ‘Brexit’, a very popular search word at the moment in the financial circles

see website: langridge-ifa.com

langridge ifa contact web page