Composer and Musician website goes live

Oast House Media have built several websites in the past for musicians, but this is a first for a composer. Mike Brimson is a Kent based retried music teacher who not only plays many instruments but composes the music for them as well.

MP3 sound sampling links

Our challenge was to create an entry level website with a music sampling requirement. This was achieved using short sound bytes created by the composition software, something we have worked with before, enabling the musician to export web compatible music files, in this case MP3 files, so we can embed into the web pages.




free logo design for websites

FREE logo design

We also sourced free music themed images and created a free simple logo as the client did not already have any corporate representation.

A lovely project for another creative – music to our ears!

We will be completing our FREE training here at Oast House Media this week.

What did the client say?

“We are very pleased with the way in which you have crafted our web site. It looks very professional and caters for all our needs. In fact my son who owns and runs DMB Scaffolding took a look and said that when he is ready to have a website he will give you a ring as he was just as impressed (Believe me he is not easily impressed!) I think that the training was comprehensive and covered everything that we needed to know in order to operate it efficiently, whether we can retain all the information is another matter but we were relieved to learn that were we to be in real trouble we could ring you for advice and support. Today we had our first email into the website and we have not even loaded the music into youtube or other sites so all is looking good. Thank you for all of you help, assistance and guidance. Best regards. Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.” Mike and Jacqui Brimson.

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