Boom town Deal (Kent), see’s more local website design

Kent’s boom town is Deal. Since the high speed train link to Deal and Walmer was added to the rail network the Deal area has seen a boom in property prices and businesses coming to the area. Oast House Media have seen a marked increase in website and logo design over the past 2 years.

Managing Director, Nigel Stevenson says “There’s a local saying ‘you don’t drive through Deal, but to Deal’ which is very relative to local businesses. Because there is very little competition for work outside the Deal and Walmer area most new local website, logo and print designs are word of mouth so it is very important to offer a good service at competitive rates. We were the first web designers in Deal nearly 20 years ago but since then we’ve seen an increase in competition. I’d like to think that with over 200 Kent based web clients alone we’ve got it right!”